What Makes A Good Gin

The story of our BAYSIDE FULL MOON LUMINOUS GIN began on the 16th of July 2018 with a present for the 45th birthday of our owner Töns Haltermann. He was given a 2 liter copper still, 10 liters of pure alcohol, distilled water and in addition to the juniper – necessary for the production of a gin – various botanicals.

It took 2,5 years, 235 meticulously documented recipes, many crazy ideas, over 100 tested ingredients, numerous inedible attempts, various mishaps and countless sociable nights until a coincidence gave rise to the idea for the perfect gin. Another failed attempt to taste led to the sentence „We’d better dump that into the sea“. “Sea”, this word stayed in the head.

Seaweed and algae were quickly eliminated as ingredients and so Töns turned to the salt of the sea. Another 26 attempts later it was done, and the recipe for today’s seasalted BAYSIDE FULL MOON LUMINOUS GIN was born. A great recipe that withstood many blind tastings, and among friends it was quickly said: „You can`t drink just one“! But that’s not all. After all, there are many good gins. Another highlight was needed!

Had Töns suspected how difficult the implementation would be, he would have given up…


A very Special Bottle

The idea of ​​a luminous 0.5l bottle was born pretty quickly, with not a label but actually the bottle lit up. It took many months to perfect this and finally to develop it to market readiness. Even after endless research, there was no glowing 0,5l bottle anywhere in the world. It was a matter of turning a dream into reality!


The idea of ​​a glowing bottle was pursued with perseverance and very, very tenaciously, countless prototypes were developed and quickly discarded until a coincidence turned a marathon into a sprint. If that is not enough, we like to distill our gin under the full moon, which is why our gin is called BAYSIDE FULL MOON LUMINOUS GIN.

After almost three years of development, we are very pleased to finally be able to present our unique gin.